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Frankie: Our first Calmbirth baby

My self and my partner Adrian and I had the pleasure of completing the Calmbirth course in the comfort of our home with, Sally and Lanziz. Adrian was initially skeptical about the course but it was extremely gentle and informative. We felt comfortable to ask questions in our own time no matter how silly they seemed and Sally and Lanziz were very flexible even allowing our dogs to join in over the weekend. We were treated with kindness, respect and without even knowing, the weekend course brought us closer than ever.

We used the meditation music and practiced our breathing prior to the birth and felt prepared for the experience. When it came time for the birth of Frankie I meditated the entire hour car trip to the hospital.

While I was in the pool I was present, eyes closed and was riding the contractions one at a time. I would not have made it through the labour and birth without Adrian as he continued to count my breaths in and out as well as keeping my thoughts positive especially, when I wanted to give up. He was my rock and kept reminding me that we would be meeting Frankie soon.

Our midwife understood our birth intentions and yes, despite the pain and tiredness, it was the most beautiful experience. We were able to deliver in the pool with calm music, dim lightening and no medical intervention. Beautiful. The techniques we learnt through Calmbirth allowed such a positive experience.

Thank you again Sally and Lanziz. We will definitely be taking these techniques with us into the future and will be implementing them again.

 - Written by Stephanie

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