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A Christmas baby: Camille

Tim and I had our baby on Christmas Day. We waited for labour to start naturally, got all the way to 41+4. We used the mindfulness recordings and lots of breathing during the first 30 or so hours of labour (contractions started 9:30pm 23rd Dec, we’re around 10 minutes apart for 24 or so hours) went into hospital on Christmas morning at 3am. As contractions intensified I struggled to keep calm and in control. Keeping a positive mindset and be firm with myself that “i CAN do this” and with a lot of Tim and my midwife’s help I mostly maintained that mindset. 

We didn’t get the natural birth we wanted in the end and ended up getting epidural then cesarean - due to not making progress , cervix starting to swell and suspected ballooning uterus. Doctors advised that it appeared that she was obstructed. Cesarean experience was great they were very clear about what was happening and what they were doing. Recovery has been relatively pain free and C easy. Should be able to have a VBAC next time. 


We had a girl - Camille Josie Hiscock - 7 pounds 13 ounces, 52cm

- Written by Tabina

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