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Baby Freddie

The birth of our handsome little Freddie was a long and exhausting journey but with the help of the many calming birth techniques we got there. 

My waters broke naturally Sunday night followed by a day of mild cramping like pain that wasn’t progressing very quickly at all. We stayed at home all day monday just breathing through the contractions and using all types of distraction techniques. 

As my waters had broken over 24hrs ago and not progressing we went in Tuesday morning for an induction. Whilst in hospital we spent the first 4-5hrs, after induction started, with contractions getting closer together and a lot stronger. To get through this time I tried sitting and moving on the ball and breathing techniques with my husband. 

Freddie wasn’t in a hurry to come out so I was tiring and requested an epidural to rest as it had been a day and half by this point. 

The epidural worked well and my husband and I could both rest and build up our energy for the next phase of birthing. Once I was at 10cm and ready to push we tried pushing for two hours with no real progress. Freddie was in a sideways position which made it hard for him to advance through the pelvis. 

This was a really disappointing time for me as I felt as though I’d tried so hard and was at a stand still. At this point I had to really regather my thoughts and focus as I was informed I needed an assisted birth with forceps and of that didn’t work they’d consider a emergency c-section. This was tough news to take in as I was so close to having him in my arms. I spent this time while they took me to theatre with my eyes closed using my calm birthing skills learnt to refocus and stay calm. 

Luckily we got to theatre and on the second pull with forceps our beautiful Freddie boy was born in the early house of Wednesday morning. 

Whilst it wasn’t the birthing journey I had envisaged I can confidently say that the skills, techniques and knowledge Sally and Lanziz gave my husband and I at the calm birthing workshop helped us get through every hurdle those few days. 

- Written by Alicia

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